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Category: New Zealand

Kepler Track in 3 Days: What you need to know

The Kepler Track quite rightly holds the title of a New Zealand Great Walk. Taking you above the clouds and through the mountains, it’s one of the most dramatic hikes we have ever done.  It definitely deserves a place on your hiking bucket list.  We may have had to battle through gale force winds and hide out in emergency shelters.  But with the squally weather came rainbows and atmospheric banks of cloud and mist.  Not to mention some great footage of Emily literally getting blown off the path. Would it have been nice to have seen a little more...

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Living out of a van – is it worth it?

We’re now almost a month into our New Zealand roadtrip and our latest stint living out of a van. It’s not exactly our first rodeo.  We lived out of a car in Alaska, a people carrier masquerading as a camper van in Oregon and tent camped through Australia to save cash. Our current ride is a four door Nissan mini van with a mattress platform built into the back.  We’ve named him Nigel.  This seems appropriate whenever he’s panting dejectedly up one of New Zealand’s many hills, though he does occasionally surprise us with a sexy little gravel slide...

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Swimming with Wild Dolphins in Kaikoura

It’s not often that I voluntarily set my alarm for 4.00 in the morning. Sure, I’ll get up early if we need to break camp in good time or if there’s a flight to catch.  But organising an activity which starts before the sun gets up? Errm, no thanks. So when Terry’s phone started beeping at us in the ungodly hours of a morning sometime last week, it took a lot for me not to throw it at him. But why did you have to pick the early tour? I grumbled, struggling into my clothes in the back of...

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