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Category: Hiking Tips

How to Reduce Pack Weight – 70 practical tips

The two most common questions you’ll hear on any trail are ‘what are you eating tonight?’ and ‘how can I reduce pack weight?’ Maybe we’ll tackle the first question sometime, but for now here is our best stab at some practical tips on how to reduce pack weight. To reduce pack weight there is always some kind of trade off, be it the cost of new gear, comfort or even safety.  It is all about finding a compromise which works for your individual experience while staying safe out there. Some of the below tips have the potential to lower...

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Making The Most Of Hiking In The Rain (5 Top Tips)

Live in the UK?  Then at some point you’ll find yourself hiking in the rain.  It’s that simple. But hiking in the rain is not something that should be ruled out and on some trails it can actually add an extra element to the adventure. With the proper planning and a little bit of thought, there’s no reason not to get out there.  Here are our best tips to make the most of it. Hiking in the Rain Tips Dress for success Waterproofing goes without saying, but that only stops the water coming in. Breathability is just as important...

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