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The Overland Track: Mountains, Wombats and Wallabies

Hiking the Overland Track wasn’t even on my radar when we booked our flights to Australia.  To be honest, it wasn’t on my radar up until a month before we were on a plane to Sydney. But I guess that’s usually how things go around here. Sometime last November we were sat planning our route around Australia.  We knew we wanted to avoid hostels and tour buses and that we’d camp as much as we could to save money.  We toyed with the idea of the East Coast, and, of course, we wanted to visit the Outback. And then,...

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What is the best way to get to Uluru (Ayers Rock)?

Over here at Drive and Hike we may be a tad biased on what the best way to get to Uluru is, but give me 10 minutes of your time and I think you’ll agree that driving is definitely the best way to get to Uluru. With Australia being 31.5 times bigger than the U.K, you’re in for quite a journey whichever way you approach it. We will look at the following factors when assessing the best way to get to Uluru: Cost Duration Experience How to get to Uluru? Drive Direct flight to Ayers Rock A tour from...

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Driving to Uluru (Ayers Rock): Tips and Safety

If you’re looking for an epic roadtrip, then look no further than driving to Uluru.  This outback roadtrip is without doubt the best way to get to Uluru, but you need to be prepared.  Over 2 days and 1,000 miles, driving to Uluru will completely submerge you into the outback; you will arrive with a completely new perspective. Below are our best tips for driving to Uluru. Staying Safe while Driving to Uluru Just to be clear, driving to Uluru is perfectly safe.  However, by adhering to a few common sense rules you can eliminate even more risk. We did this...

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Outback Roadtrip – Driving the Red Centre

We left the outback the same way we came in, along the hot, flat road that stretches from Port Augusta in South Australia 1,761 miles to Darwin on the North coast.  After seven days of driving through the red centre, we’d expected these last few hours to be tedious at best.  But the outback had other ideas. For a full six hours out of Coober Pedy we found ourselves beneath a canopy of clouds, each one discrete and perfectly formed.  They hovered like weird jellyfish, pressed uniformly flat against an invisible ceiling some way above the car.  The open...

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Hiking Wilsons Promontory

‘I can’t quite put my finger on it, but this hike really reminds me of somewhere we’ve been before.’ I stopped to look around.  Tree ferns lined the trail, luminescent wherever the sun touched them, damp as they met the earth.  This sombre, shaded place was a world away from the azure coastline we had sped along to get there. ‘Colombia’ I said, after a moment.  ‘The tree ferns – they look like banana plants.  And the heat beneath these trees is like the jungle, just drier.’ Somewhere in the forest an Australian magpie sounded out its melodious, warbling...

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