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Author: Terry

Kepler Track in 3 Days: What you need to know

The Kepler Track quite rightly holds the title of a New Zealand Great Walk. Taking you above the clouds and through the mountains, it’s one of the most dramatic hikes we have ever done.  It definitely deserves a place on your hiking bucket list.  We may have had to battle through gale force winds and hide out in emergency shelters.  But with the squally weather came rainbows and atmospheric banks of cloud and mist.  Not to mention some great footage of Emily literally getting blown off the path. Would it have been nice to have seen a little more...

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Hiking Denali National Park: What you need to know

It doesn’t get any better than hiking Denali National Park, without doubt my favourite place to hike in the world.  With the opportunity to go backcountry, incredible wildlife and the chance of spotting the Northern Lights, nowhere else is quite like it. We’ve been working on this guide to hiking Denali National Park for a while now.  It’s finally ready and full of great tips to help make your time there incredible!   Tell me more… Wildlife Want to see a bear in the wild? Of course you do. Just don’t get too close! Add rutting moose, herds of caribou...

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How to Reduce Pack Weight – 70 practical tips

The two most common questions you’ll hear on any trail are ‘what are you eating tonight?’ and ‘how can I reduce pack weight?’ Maybe we’ll tackle the first question sometime, but for now here is our best stab at some practical tips on how to reduce pack weight. To reduce pack weight there is always some kind of trade off, be it the cost of new gear, comfort or even safety.  It is all about finding a compromise which works for your individual experience while staying safe out there. Some of the below tips have the potential to lower...

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What is the best way to get to Uluru (Ayers Rock)?

Over here at Drive and Hike we may be a tad biased on what the best way to get to Uluru is, but give me 10 minutes of your time and I think you’ll agree that driving is definitely the best way to get to Uluru. With Australia being 31.5 times bigger than the U.K, you’re in for quite a journey whichever way you approach it. We will look at the following factors when assessing the best way to get to Uluru: Cost Duration Experience How to get to Uluru? Drive Direct flight to Ayers Rock A tour from...

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